Finest Cosmetic Brands in Japan

Finest Cosmetic Brands in Japan

Japan is an especially beautiful place for people of all types. For women and girls, there is much to enjoy in this humble country with hospitable people. It is not just a place to roam about. Visitors have the opportunity to explore Japan's exciting culture, including a wide array of makeup and cosmetics.

You can easily get excellent Japanese cosmetics in drugstores around the beautiful city of Tokyo. Indeed, a great new variety of cosmetic brands come out from time to time. These products always come in different shades of colors. It all depends on the trends and seasons. Yes, it is good to consider a list of some items that any visitor should consider buying on a visit to Japan.


Daiso is one of the most popular 100 Yen shops in Japan. The shop sells different ranges of products. One of the most-loved bestsellers in the stable is the Reusable Silicon Mask Cover. The Silicon is a mask used to top- off the sheet masks, thus preventing it from slipping off. It also works greatly as a face-steaming mask. This serves well to enhance the moisture effect.


Muji is a highly popular retail company in the Japanese market. Muji also has several store branches abroad. It provides a wide range of products. These include clothes, beauty products and food.


Canmake is among the top-selling cosmetic brands in Japan. Do you love vivid colors and pigmentation that come at affordable price? You should consider buying Canmake. Yes, Canmake is the answer. Although it is cheap, it comes with high quality and the pricing is reasonable. One of the best brands of Canmake recently won several awards for quality and excellence. The brand is known as the Cream Cheek Blush. Remarkably, the Canmake Cream Cheek Blush has won a place in the beauty products Hall of Fame. Not only are Canmake products popular in Japan, they are loved all over the world. Many beauty gurus and other influencers love these products for their high quality.

Majolica Majorca

The Majolica brand comes from the Shiseido cosmetic stable. Majolica Majorca is mainly aimed at younger women in the dynamic beauty market. The Pure Pure Kiss is one of the best ever products in the Majolica Majorca stable. It was first released in 2017.


The Ettusais was first introduced by Shiseido in 1991. It was aimed at younger women in the beauty market; those in their 20s and 30s. It is primarily aimed at achieving a plain, unexaggerated natural look. The Ettusais brand uses cute packaging and natural ingredients for good measure.


Dollywink gives you different varieties of eye-makeup including mascaras, fake lashes, eyeliners, and eyelid glues. Dolly wink was first established by Tsubasa Matsuwaka, a gyaru icon, and Koji Honpo. If you buy the Dollywink eyebrow mascara you will discover that it is one of the most perfect pairs in the Dollywink stable of products. This one comes in a simple, cute packaging, a great ingredient quality. Moreover, it is usually cheaper than most of the competition. Whenever you find that your budget is low, consider going for this high quality item. The Dolly wink brand is aimed at helping girls to attain their desirable eye-makeup gaze. The brand is simply superb.

Shu Uemura

Shu Uemura is a make-up brand created in 1983. It is a highly famous international brand. The Shu Uemura packaging is not just unique; it is also trending. It features the latest colors in different seasons and the products are high quality. It has a special power to make you have a natural glow, at a reasonable price.


K-Palette is a well-known beauty brand made in Japan. K-Palette has a long- lasting Liquid Eyebrow and Real Lasting Eyeliner. These are some of the famous eyeliners offered by K-Palette. K-palette is specialized in these kinds of make-up products. It is a pigmented, water-proof and smudge proof eyeliner.


This is a product that comes under the Shiseido stable. It also comes in cute packaging and beautiful, vibrant colors. The brand primarily targets professional working ladies. For this reason, it is more expensive compared to Majolica Majorca and Canmake. In 2017, the company also released a limited edition of the product, in collaboration with Sailor Moon. It came in a special packaging. Two other limited editions were later subsequently released: The Dramatic Skin Sensor Base UV and the Powdery UV. These will give you a natural finish when applied to the face.

One-Stop Shibuya Fashion Complex

One-Stop Shibuya Fashion Complex

Whenever you visit Tokyo, Shibuya is always the place to-go-to. It is one of the most popular shopping places in and around Tokyo. Shibuya comes highly recommended on all matters of fashion style, especially if you are a tourist. It works perfectly if you plan to go shopping for a variety of goods in Tokyo.

It all depends on your budget limitations and personal needs. Regardless, you can find plenty of recreational shopping malls around the city. Let us find out a few beautiful places to visit whenever you visit the great city of Tokyo.

Shibuya 109

The locals once knew this place as maru-kyu. The Shibuya 109 is a 10-story- high building with lots of trendy, latest fashion styles, specially designed for women. This is one of the most iconic buildings that you can find in Tokyo. It is still widely considered as one of the most significant tourist attraction centers in Tokyo.

Are you, perhaps, searching for cute shoes or boots? You just need to visit the first basement of the Shibuya 109. Here, you will find many different fashion and footwear styles. You don't even need to worry about your foot size because the shops display a wide-range of shoes. These are arranged according to size.

On the building's second floor, there are things of particular interest to different people. Are you looking for a bohemian-style, an event, or simply wants to shop for something to be worn back at home? You only need to browse through lots of bohemian clothe-types located on the building's second floor.

In case you are searching for a different theme or just wants to buy a few trendy clothes that are not necessarily of bohemian style, you may be advised to visit the fourth, fifth, or sixth floors. You will find that they offer cute mini-skirts or some trendy kawaii-type clothing made for young women. If you want costumes, you may visit the shops located in the basement or on the fourth floor. They usually sell new types of high-quality costumes. It is, however, essential to know that most of the items offered here are available in just one-size. For this reason, make sure to request assistance if you must. It never hurts to ask questions.

On the second floor, you can get some cute, unique accessories fit for your needs. On the third floor, you can always shop for socks and tights, which may be perfectly paired with a mini-skirt. Moreover, on the sixth floor, you can buy some jewel-type bling and its character accessories.

Shibuya Hikarie

The Hikarie always oozes elegance, class and style. It is, however, important to note that such things don't come cheap. Indeed, most of the items here are often quite costly. The Shibuya Hikarie consists of a 34- floor building with restaurants, department stores, museums, conference rooms, government offices, and a large hall. Hikarie is easily accessible since it is connected to the Shibuya station exit.

Moreover, the Shibuya Hikarie has a huge car park, complete with a car elevator. It will cost you some 15,000 Japanese Yen if you want to park the car for 24 hours. Obviously, this is a high-budget venture, fit for people with deep pockets. The Hikarie opens from around 10am to 9pm. The Cafes and Restaurants run from 11am to 11pm.

Shibuya Parco

If you love a one-stop-shop, you are welcome to visit the Shibuya Parco on the sixth floor. The shop has an impressive range of items and varied souvenirs. Moreover, Parco is a great department store that offers a range of services that include high fashion items.


Donki is also called the Don Quijote. This may be described as a wonderful one-stop shopping mall. If you want to have some affordable items, fantastic offers and massive discounts in Tokyo, Donki is the place to go. Notably, Donki is home to a variety of Japanese shoes, beauty products, clothes and other accessories.

Shibuya Loft

Shibuya Loft is a high-rise 7-story building that caters to a variety of needs, including makeup, skin-care items, health products, fashion, and hair accessories . If you want to shop there during major events like Christmas, Halloween, or Valentine's Day, then you are welcome to shop here, depending on the events featuring your theme needs.

Disney Store

If you love the kawaii things, there is always a mini- version of the famous Disneyland castle. They sell original Disney products, exclusive items and other merchandise you cannot get around Japan.


Seibu has branches in Shibuya and Ikebukeru. This is considered as among the largest department stores in the Tokyo area. It is split in two buildings. These are the Annex A and B segments. Annex A has a large variety of girls' wear. Annex B is primarily for men's wear, children's items and accessories. It is good to know that the Seibu is one large department store. For this reason, the prices are often higher.

Beauty Products from Matsumoto Kiyoshi

Beauty Products from Matsumoto Kiyoshi

Matsumoto Kiyoshi can be found all over Tokyo. It is one of the biggest drugstore shops so if you're looking for drugstore makeup, then it will not be a problem for you. They are selling popular make-ups such as Canmake, Shiseido etc. What the makeup and skincare junkies love about Japanese beauty products is that they are into mild-types and less chemical products in which makes their skin feel moisturized. These are the Top 5 Must-have Beauty Products that can be purchase in Matsumoto Kiyoshi.

Blanc White Series

It is a make-up line series which created by Naris and Matsumoto Kiyoshi for women having a fair skin type. Blanc White Series consists of Coix Seeds and Sunflower Seeds as the ingredients which boost skin, gets rid of unwanted dirt on the skin as it gives moisturized and prevents dry skin and dehydration. It is considered as the holy-grail product.

Night Shield Gel by Kosé Instream

Lack of sleep which makes your skin feel dull and dry, worry no more as this Night Shield Gel is to the rescue! Apply it to your face before going to the bed which is like a sleeping mask pack. As said, this single gel pack can last you for a month. It is also recommended to massage your face with the gel and the stick included in the box which boosts up your skin and reduces face swelling. This Night Shield Gel will leave your face being moisturized and refresh when you wake up.

Lululun Facemask

Lululun is one of the bestselling brands in Japan which focus on sheet masks. Branded as free from chemicals, fragrances and mineral oils which makes it suitable for all skin types and ideal for everyday use. It also caters sheet masks for different skin concerns as it comes in single sheet, weekly and even monthly sheet boxes.

Canmake Cream Cheek

The Cream Cheek Line from Canmake consists of different varieties of colors from pink to red. It also comes to sheer finish with just one swipe. And what makes this cream cheek popular is because of the color payoff is buildable. These cream-type blush blends with your skin foundation which creates a natural, rosy and glowing look perfect for everyday use.

Sailor Moon Liquid Eyeliner

90s kids to present who loves Sailor Moon and wanting to purchase its wide varieties of collection? Then this one is just for you. They release a collection called Sailor Moon collection from Miracle Romance. This Sailor Moon Liquid Eyeliner comes in cute and unique packaging; it also comes in felt tip which makes drawing a wing-eyeliner easy. It also glides smoothly and smudge-proof. Definitely worth the price.

Shiseido Eyebrow Pencil

Shiseido is one of the famous beauty product line in Japan. This Eyebrow pencil from Shiseido glides smoothly without skin tugging, its tip when applied is great which make precise application and it has a longer staying power which is perfect for everyday use.

Rohto Lycee Eye Drops

These eye drops is considered one of the must-buy items from them when visiting Japan. In a single drop, you can make your eyes feel refresh aside from its cute packaging.

Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder

This enzyme powder cleanser comes in a singles which is totally handy especially when you are travelling. No need for leakage or restriction. This powder type of cleanser reacts with water and turns into a dense foam that you can use to cleanse up your face, exfoliates and hydrates your skin.

Sana Pore Putty Face Powder

It is used as a finishing powder as it is designed to have and achieve a smooth-looking and natural look. It also reduces pores and of course, a long-lasting powder. It also comes in blue compact which is a translucent powder and a beige-tinted version. It is said that the product really lives up with its claim in making the face feels smooth and lasts all day without any touch up.

Shiseido Integrate Mineral Watery Foundation

Integrate is an affordable line created by Shiseido, this Mineral Watery Foundation designed to have an all-in one product which consists of moisturizer, SPF, primer, and foundation. So if you're running late to school and office, you may want to have this on-the-go foundation.

So here's the list of overwhelming beauty products that you can buy from Matsumoto Kiyoshi shop. Enjoy shopping!

Top 5 Best Canmake Products

Top 5 Best Canmake Products

Here are the places that were listed for you to have a guide. Have a great day shoppiCanmake is one of the most popular and affordable brand cosmetics in Japan. With 30 years, Canmake offers wide range varieties of beauty products in an affordable price. Canmake is popular in Japan for its cute packaging, trendy and super satisfying quality. The popularity of Canmake is becoming worldwide and highly recommended by reviewers which you can find in magazines, blogposts with definitely has a great review about the said brand. If you are interested in buying Canmake products, most of these products can be found in most drugstores in Japan including Matsumoto Kiyoshi store.g in Shibuya.

Now that Canmake has been introduced, let me share to you the Top 5 Must-buy Canmake Products which are particularly the best-seller and the ones that is has the best reviews and of course, the products that won awards in beauty categories not only once, but multiple times.

Canmake Cream Cheek – is one of the most popular make up from Canmake which made them earn multiple awards including Best Cosmetic Awards by cosme. This product is also listed on the Hall of Fame list. It is a creamy type gel blush that has thick moisture, but it creates a sheer look once you apply it to your skin. It can also be applied with your fingers or a sponge and finish it off by your favorite translucent powder on top for a long lasting coverage. This cream cheek has a wide range of 8 colors and can be used to tone up your lips.

Canmake Quick Lash Curler – this quick lash curler has 3 different uses. It can be used as a base coat, top coat and even mascara which create long lasting curl for the whole day. It is also waterproof which prevents from getting smudge from water, sweat and even your tears (whether your eyes are tearing up emotionally or just your eyes were tired.) This Quick Lash Curler is listed on Hall of Fame and also won multiple beauty awards from cosme. It is available in two colors namely Black and Clear.

Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder – it is a base make-up which you can use as a foundation or finish powder. It has SPF 26 and made with gentle ingredients with additive-free mineral formula which is gentle towards your skin. This is a light and soft powder and matte finish and can cover your uneven pores, blemishes and uneven skin texture which make your skin look smooth and natural looking. It comes in a compact. Refills are also available for purchase.

Canmake Stay on Balm Rouge – it is tint lip rouge made for the girls demand on having the rouge color on the lips in just one stroke. It gives glossy look just like a lip gloss and moisturizes the lips like a lip balm yet it also has bright color just like a lipstick. It can be applied when you're having dry or chapped lips which make your lips smooth while on-wear. It is available in 14 colors from red, pink, semi-coral and semi-burgundy shades which are a very high range of colors which you can choose from, either from everyday wear or if you have a chosen event theme. This year, the most popular color is from the shade T04 Chocolate Lily which is a semi-burgundy color. So if you want a natural-look yet wanting to have some colors to your lips, you may add this on your cart.

Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks – it is one of the best-selling blush products from Canmake. It is made as a translucent powder formulation which make this powder blush easily blend on the skin. It also creates natural yet having a glow look on your cheeks. It comes with 5 colors in one palette which makes it easier to mix to be able to create and match the color depending on your make up look and your preferred type, of course depending on your skin tone. This blush is free from mineral oils and petroleum-based surfactants. Currently, this powder blush is available with 8 colors to choose from. To create a perfect look, sweep the brush throughout the five shades and apply it on your cheeks. You can also use it as a highlighter and apply it to your face.