Must-Go Shibuya Fashion Shops

Must-Go Shibuya Fashion Shops

Shibuya is the must-go and popular shopping place around Tokyo. If you are a tourist and planning to go shop varieties of goods especially when it comes to fashion styles, Shibuya is the most recommended place to go. You can find a lot of recreational shopping malls depending on your needs and of course, with your budget. Let me list some places and guides made just for you.

Shibuya 109 (in photo):

It was also called as maru-kyu by the locals; Shibuya 109 is a 10-story building which has a lot of on-trend and newest fashion styles for women. It is also one of the iconic buildings that you will see in Shibuya and it was considered as a tourist attraction in Tokyo.

Looking for cute shoes and boots? The first basement of Shibuya 109 is consisting of different styles of fashionable footwear. If you are worried about your foot size, no need to, because they are displaying a wide-range of shoes by size.

On the second floor, if you are looking for a bohemian-style for an event, or simply wanting to shop for it to be worn when you get back to your home place, then you can browse thru a lot of bohemian clothes ranges at the second floor. Also, if you're looking for another theme or just wanted to shop for trendy clothes aside from bohemian style, you may opt to shop from fourth to sixth floor as they also offer cute ones such as mini-skirts, kawaii type of clothing that is being trended especially for young women. For costumes, you may also find shops in basement level and in fourth floor as they sell new varieties and high-quality costume trends. (Sadistic Action and T-Spook x Party City)

Tip: Most of the clothes offered are only available in one-size. So make sure to ask for assistance. It's not going to hurt in asking questions.

Unique accessories and cute ones can be found at the second floor. For socks and tights which you can be paired while wearing a mini-skirt can be found on the third floor. If you love designing your phones with bling bling, or just love wearing accessories or into hip-hop thing, you may head towards the sixth floor where you can buy jewel-type of bling and character accessories.

Shibuya Hikarie

Hikarie has been made with elegance, class and style in which make the prices of the items are quite expensive. It has 34 floor building which consists of department stores, restaurants, conference rooms, small museums, a large hall and government offices. Hikarie can be easily access as it is connected to the exit of Shibuya station. It also has a huge car park and using a car elevator. If you are going to park your car for 24 hours would cost around 15,000 yen and up. So if you're having a high budget, then you may opt to shop here. Shop opens from 10am to 9pm and Cafes and Restaurants from 11am to 11pm.

Shibuya Parco

Love One Piece? You can find it in ‘Shibupop' in 6th floor as it has a wide range of items and souvenirs. Aside from that, Parco is a department store that offers different ranges of services such as fashion etc.


Also called as Don Quijote, it is a one-stop shopping mall. If you're looking for affordable and offers a big discount, then Donki is a must-go place. It is also home for Japan Beauty Products, Shoes, Clothes and Accessories.

Shibuya Loft

Loving the lifestyle type of shopping mall? Shibuya Loft is made just for you. The 7-story building sells out different needs such as health products, make-up and skincare products, hair accessories and fashion. If you are to shop there especially if there's an event such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween then you can shop in here base on the events with your theme needs.

Disney Store

If you're into kawaii things, then there is a mini version of Disneyland castle. They are selling exclusive items and original Disney merchandise in which you cannot purchase around Japan.


With branches in Shibuya and Ikebukeru, Seibu is considered as one of the largest department stores and it is splits in two buildings namely Annex A and B. Annex A consists of large varieties of girls wear while Annex B is for men's wear, children's wear and accessories. But since it is a large department store, the prices are higher than the usual.

Here are the places that were listed for you to have a guide. Have a great day shopping in Shibuya.

Must Buy Japan Cosmetic Brands

Must Buy Japan Cosmetic Brands

For girls, Japan is a place not only for roaming around and exploring its culture but also make up. It is easier to find Japanese cosmetics in drugstore and can be easily access around Japan, especially in Tokyo. Cosmetic products are being released every season which consists of colors depending on the season and the trends. So here's the list of Must-buy Japan Cosmetic Brands.

Canmake (photo) – Canmake is one of the top-selling brands in Japan. If you love pigmentation and vivid colors with very affordable price, Canmake is made just for you. It may be cheap but it has a good quality and reasonable for its price. Canmake Cream Cheek Blush won multiple awards in cosme category and is included in Hall of Fame for beauty products. Canmake products are also popular not only in Japan but also around the world and used by the beauty gurus and influencers.

Dollywink – Dollywink offers different ranges of eye-makeup such as eyeliners, fake lashes, eyelid glues and mascaras. Established by Koji Honpo and gyaru icon Tsubasa Matsuwaka, Dolly wink aims to help girls achieve their complete eye-make up gaze and eye make-up look. Their Eyebrow mascara is a perfect pair for the Dollywink's falsies. It has a simple yet cute packaging but has a good quality of ingredients and even cheaper than any other eye makeup products. So it's really a good thing to buy with you having a tight budget.

Majolica Majorca – it is from Shiseido cosmetic brand, Majolica Majorca targets younger women in the beauty market. One of the best products from Majolica Majorca is Pure Pure Kiss Lipstick which was released last summer of 2017.

Ettusais – it is established by Shiseido last 1991 with its target of 20s to 30s women in the beauty market. Ettusais uses a concept of having a simple and natural look which also has a natural ingredients use and very cute packaging.

MAQuillAGe – it is a product brand under Shiseido, providing vibrant colors and cute packaging. This brand targets women who is a working ladies so it is quite expensive than Canmake and Majolica Majorca. They also released a limited edition collaborating with Sailor Moon with a special packaging last 2017; they release 2 limited editions: Dramatic Powdery UV and Dramatic Skin Sensor Base UV Foundation which gives you a natural finish after applying to your face.

Shu Uemura – this make up brand was created in 1983 and also famous internationally. Their packaging is not only unique but also trending. It also highlights the latest colors in different season and the products are in high coverage which makes you achieve a natural glow with its reasonable price.

K-Palette – it is also a well-known beauty brand in Japan. K-Palette's Lasting Two-way Liquid Eyebrow and Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h is famous eyeliners being offered by K-Palette if you wanted long-lasting eyeliner. K-palette specialized in long lasting eye make-up product. It is also pigmented, smudge proof and waterproof eyeliner.

Shiseido – it is one of the most famous make-up brands in Japan. Shiseido also creates its sub-makeup brands which targets varieties of concept and women's age bracket. Shiseido's Spots Cover Foundation is a highly recommended product to buy. It's a cream-type foundation with a great full coverage that covers freckles, spots, and unwanted marks on the skin. This product has been sold for 40 years and it's being used by the professional make-up artists.

Biore – Biore is one of the famous drugstore brands in Japan. If you're looking for a good drugstore sunscreen, Biore is one of the best-sellers. Biore UV Aqua Rich Water Essence SPF 50+ is the recommended Japanese sunscreen. It also has a great value for money. It's a waterproof sunscreen with SPF 50+ perfect for outdoor use.

Daiso – Daiso is a popular 100 yen shop in Japan which sells different varieties of products. Daiso's Reusable Silicon Mask Cover is one of the best-sellers in the shop. This is a mask that is use to top of the sheet masks, preventing from slipping off. It is also works in face-steaming mask which enhances the moisture effect.

Muji – Muji is a popular retail company in Japan. Muji also has a store branches in abroad. It offers wide range of products including clothes, food, beauty products etc.

Harajuku Style Fashion in Japan

Harajuku Style Fashion in Japan

Harajuku style exists since early 1980s and became known outside Japan within 2000s. Harajuku style is named after Harajuku Station in Tokyo. The first Harajuku style was made combining traditional Japanese attire and Western clothing which the young generation locals occupy the streets wearing its style. As these youngsters wearing Harajuku style, they wanted to convey the message of wanting to dress anything with any style as they wanted. Harajuku fashion style is a movement against the strict rules of dressing up and the pressure to fit to normal pace. Now, Harajuku still remains as one of the fashion styles regardless of new trends in Japan.

Anybody can wear the style. Harajuku is a mix of well-known style such as Gothic, Sweet, Cosplay, Gyaru, Lolita and mixing traditional clothing with western. Traditional Japanese clothes such as kimonos and traditional sandals have been remake with Harajuku style since the beginning. Kimonos being paired with high-flat style of shoes while wearing a cute ribbon as a hair accessories being paired with custom hair color or wig. Custom made and self-made items are also good, retro and Vintage clothes can be included in Harajuku style as well. In Harajuku, more is more. So the more layers or more style, more fun to wear with as long as you are creative and wear what you wanted. Let your imaginations comes into reality. For accessories, you may pair it with colorful backpacks, or the 80s or 90s type of bags. Go with the pastel or neon bright of hair colors or wigs. Eye contacts are also a part of Harajuku style. You can choose from red, green colors with unique eye contact designs. For the make-up, you can have it depending on your chosen Harajuku theme. The subsets of Harajuku for example are Gyaru style. Gyaru is a fun, girly style with colored hair and fake cute nails. The look was made to be Gyaru girls to be known as a rebel against the perfect look, expressionless and doll-like look of the Geisha. Next is called Visual Kei in which is being styled as a punk, rock, metal which is inspired by the rock musicians of the western. Lolita style is based in Victorian era wearing a long skirt, corset and wig. A typical Lolita style can be seen wearing a tutu skirt and ballerina gowns. There are many subsets of Lolita style which makes somehow a little bit controversial nowadays when some celebrities opt to wear it. Fairy Kei style is a style which is more like into ethereal and pastel. It draws inspiration from My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake etc. Decora Kei comes from the root word ‘decoration', Decora Kei composed of bright neon colors and extreme accessories from hair, stickers, bandaids and fake tattoos and layers of cute purses and stuffed animals. Cosplay can also be considered as Harajuku style by dressing up as how your favorite anime characters such as Luffy, Naruto, etc.

Popular artists such as J-pop princess Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Gwen Stefani who loves Harajuku style which makes the style being well-known in the rest of the world. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu wears Harajuku style in her music videos in which makes her imagination comes into life.

Harajuku style is popular and must go style especially when you're travelling around Japan. The aim of Harajuku style is to express what you feel by making you wear what you love, mix and match the colors, layering, makeup depending on your theme, your vision, the purpose and the passion of what kind of style you are portraying to. Strengthen your brand. Once you know what kind of style you wanted, you may create, wear and post it in the social media. Some people might find it weird but never let them stop you from wearing it. Fashion style and trends come and go but Harajuku still remains which make Japan become unique, breaking the fashion norms and defining style, brands and expression depending on someone's perspective when it comes to fashion. Unleash your inner craziness and unique thinking and let yourself express your love in fashion. Carry a smile while wearing your Harajuku way! Harajuku is all about self-expression, no matter what they say.

Your Guide to Tokyo Drinking Sessions

Your Guide to Tokyo Drinking Sessions

The night lights in Tokyo are very inviting. A lot of bright lights as well as bulletins is actually asking for your courtesy, would you mind lending some of your time? With this comes the rumors that may be true somehow, it may be one of the costliest cities on earth. How can they pay their electricity? Well, that is just a little secret that no one cares about except you. Tokyo is not a lavish as you think it seems. Japan is somehow costly if you will compare it to some of the countries in Asia. However, if you will compare it to some other cities in the world that are also known for their night activities such as NYC, Amsterdam, London and Hong Kong, Tokyo is not a money monster. If you have plans of going around the clubs or you want to try some of the special cocktails, you need to have a lot of money, but if you will just follow some tips from this article, you can save a lot and still enjoy your stay in Tokyo.

When you plan for a night of fun and activity, it is essential to find out what you want. In this case, the high cost of the drinks or food will be your enemy. Normally speaking, the cost of the beer in Tokyo is around 600 yen, the typical mixed drink is normally 800 yen. These prices are not that bad at all, however, if you know yourself, you will not just have 1 drink through the night. What does that mean? You will leave the place broke if you want to have more drinks? Well, why don't you just drink along the streets? This is lawful in Japan to drink anywhere you want. That means, you can just go to a store and buy the chu-hi. It is a can of mixed citrus carbonated water and a shochu mix. You will mix them to produce a chu-hi. It is like a taste of soda.

After you have taken some chu-his, you can now hit the bars. But that is dependent on the community, some of the bars charge for the seating itself only, that normally amounts to 500 yen. You can just have sat there and watch around, because you will not order for a drink anymore. You must ask if there is an available seat first, before you order a drink, this way, when you get the bill, you will not be surprised with the amount of the bill. One way to stay drunk without breaking the bank is to imbibe at an affordable rate. Izakayas are drinking places where you can get a variety of small dishes. You may be well aware of it, it is essential to be full if you plan to drink, because bad things may occur along the way.

When you are in Japan, it is essential for you to be familiar with the world Nomihodai. It is the Japanese word for a drink all you can. This is more typical than you think of and there are some places such as Roppingi that are loaded with Nomihodai places where you can drink while you can at 1,000 yen. Upon learning these important things, you are now ready to visit some of the places in Tokyo where you can drink for all you want. You can come to Beatcafe where you can have affordable drinks. You can also come to Miyoshino where they serve affordable drinks as well. You can also sit all night there without being annoyed even if you cannot understand the Japanese words. Bones Bar is another one. They also serve affordable drinks here.